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Google was once the only source that most people relied on for online research (Lee, Newton 2013).

Search Engine Optimization and Online Reputation Essay

The fact is Google is doing something right, while on the other hand, to be able to attract this amount of people monthly, also means they are doing something outside of our privacy rights, therefore, I want to show you the different ways in which your tracked on Google and recommend a new search engine called DuckDuckGo....

In 2012, on average, there are 5,134,000,000 Google searches a day (Google Official History, comScore).

How to use Google Squared to Research Essay Topics …

- The creators of this search engine set it up so that the process of searching became a brainstorm within itself! This site is very useful in the earliest stages of the writing process for garnering keywords and narrowing a topic for your thesis. You can also add the snap-shot add on to get a glimpse of the sites of your choosing at a glance!

How to use Google Squared to Research Essay Topics ..

I can't fix a toilet. Or a sink. I know how to write an essay, how to visualize a dataset, how to draw a diagram, how to make liquid olives ... but I can't fix anything around the house. My father-in-law was quite disappointed. So I search how to do everything around the house. To my relief, I am not alone …

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