Hamlet heart breaks after the death of his father and Ophelia.

She trulyloves Hamlet and is devastated when he shuns her and pretends to be mad.

Ophelia clearly chooses to obey her father over her love for Hamlet.

Those that are married already - all but one -

shall live".5

Not only had Hamlet mentioned a threat, but he treated Ophelia with very

little respect in regards to their love.

When King Hamlet died, it caused Claudius to take the thrown and the hand of queen Gertrude.

Gertrude, Hamlet's mother and the Queen of Denmark.

Within Act 3, Scene 4 of Hamlet, Shakespeare provides little direction by which the scene should be interpreted, but the play, taken in its entirety, proposes a certain way in which Hamlet and Gertrude express their emotions.

This represents the the feelings that hamlet and Ophelia have for each other

I will ask the students to come to class tomorrow with detailed notes about the various adaptations we have seen and if they feel the portrayals of Gertrude and Ophelia change their view of the text or how the text is interpreted.

In this scene, Ophelia's love still has no definition towards Hamlet.

And Polonius suggestsHamlet is lovesick.

Here he describes Hamlet’s verbal attack on Gertrude in the closet scene: Even Gertrude vaguely perceives that Hamlet’s speech is inspired more by ancient texts than by any immediate situation: “Ay me, what act, / That roars so loud and thunders in the...

One question in particular is, did Hamlet really love Ophelia.

First my students will need to learn to take notes properly. There will be two types of notes used in this unit. There are the notes on the films and the notes on the text of the play itself. The notes they take while reading the play will not be a new experience for my students. Throughout the year I ask my students to keep a double entry journal while reading any text for the class. To do this they take a regular notebook with lined paper and divide each page into two vertical columns. In the left hand column they are expected to write down lines from the text that are of some importance. These lines might reveal something about a character, demonstrate a literary technique, raise a question, etc. On the right column directly across from the quotation they are to write some comment about that quotation. I also encourage my students to leave a little extra room around their comment in the right hand column. This way, if some interesting ideas come up in class discussion about the quotation, they will have space to add more. The students will also have to take notes on the films. This is something I am fairly new to myself, but it can be extremely overwhelming. When I first started taking notes on film I wanted to write everything down, and I ended up missing the action because I was concentrating on my notebook rather than the scene. Film critics and writers have a version of shorthand they use when taking notes, but I find this a bit confusing. It is really only useful to learn if you are going to take notes on many, many films. However, teachers may want to teach students to use the short hand for a few important things. If you choose to do this Tim Corrigan's has a useful section on the shorthand. This is the approach I will take with my students. I want them to pay attention to the scenery, music, images, and camera angles in the film. To help them do this I plan to teach them the short hand for a few of the notes on camera angles. For example students can write "cu Gertrude" for a close up of Gertrude or "la of Hamlet" to show that Hamlet was film from a low angle. Just giving my students a few of these short hand tips for things that I know will show up in the clips may help them handle the pressure of writing down what they see. In addition, it is important for students to see the clips multiple times. Few of us can write about or discuss anything in detail that we have only seen once, and it would be unfair to expect our students to do the same.

Corambus remembers his ownyouth, and suggests that Hamlet is in love.

Quite some time has passed and in the confrontation between Hamlet and

Gertrude with Polonius hiding, had resulted in the death of Polonius by Hamlet.