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The census is a crucial political instrument for good governance in the proper administration and organization of data collection of the population....

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Even long before our present age of giant cities, even before ancient Rome, people tended to live in concentration, in whatever size of community their environment allowed.

Knowing hundreds of people means being forced to spend very little time with most of them.

Last are: newcomers after me for guidance, women after me seriously but in whom I see nothing to make me encourage them; organizations not dear to my heart; telephone solicitors of nearly anything.

Have each group develop a list of do’s and don’ts for being a trustworthy person.

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However, the US, as the great melting pot that it is, has always embraced migrant citizens to become part of their nation for as long as the US was established.

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Another thing which is necessary is good health. There may be circumstances which may be beyond our control; but by and large it is the duty of a good citizen to look after his health. For if a man is healthy. he can bestir himself for others; if he is healthy he can do his duty and can afford to he brave; lie can also save the of many precious man-hours. A healthy mind finds its natural habitat in a healthy body.

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Added to all these is the sense of pride a person has in his cultural tradition, the feeling of identification he has with his background. However, this pride should not be allowed to deteriorate into chauvinism. It should be seasoned with the proper degree of humility. No country is too small to be on its own; and no country too big to learn from others. And a country needs its citizens to be free and fearless to make it strong. For as the poet has said: