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– Writing areflective paper on a class helps you integrate your previousknowledge with the new knowledge. Through this, new questions willarise in your mind and you will get clarity on the direction you wishto take in your learning process.

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What is a reflection paper? To put it simply, a reflection paper or essay is something that reflects your insights, opinion, or observation. You could quote once in a while but the essay should not be entirely what other people think about the subject. Like other types of essays, it should have an introduction (thesis statement), body and conclusion (judgment and summary).

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To understand what is a reflection paper, knowing what should be in it might also help. A reflection paper should be mostly about your personal insights. It could be your experiences and beliefs. It could also be your personal observations. It is a simple reflection paper. It is easy to write because you just have to express your thoughts and how you see things.

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Reflection papers can be among the hardest things to write despite the subject being the thing you know best in the world--yourself, and your own experiences. This packet uses a series of writing exercises to pry out a reflection full of sensory detail, anecdotes, and which is placed in a larger context.

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Generally, papers will be graded on the depth of reflection, the way that you incorporate both theory and experience, and the effectiveness of the written communication. The rubric for this assignment clarifies specific expectations for both reflection content and writing effectiveness.

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A reflective essay is an essay where you are required to write down your feelings, often personal, in the form of an essay. It reflects your real life experiences as the aim of the essay is to present your experiences, opinions, beliefs, viewpoints on any given subject, topic or incident. This makes writing a reflective essay not only interesting but challenging and intriguing at the same time. It tests the writing skills of a student as to write a good reflective statement, students should be having a good amount of creativity as well as organizing skills. Merely thinking creatively and writing what comes to your mind will not help you in making a good reflective statement. You need to have good organizing skills too apart from good writing skills so that you can place your thoughts and memories in a coherent and logical order. At this point you must be thinking – “if writing a reflective essay involves so many parameters and intricacies, then how am I supposed to write it?” There is nothing to worry about. The tips outlined below will help you write a reflective essay effectively.

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This learning packet will review:
- The purpose of reflection papers
- How to reflect on personal experience in a reflection paper
- How to offer a personal perspective on the main idea
- How to incorporate insights into a reflection paper
- How to write for an intended audience
- How to incorporate examples and anecdotes

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To make it easy for you (considering that you already have a subject), you can start by describing the big picture in the introduction. There is no rule on how you should write the introduction but it is best to give them an idea – a general statement – that prepares them for the body of your reflection paper. Be sure to include your thesis statement in the introduction. It is the statement that sums up the entire essay.