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US citizens cannot escape responsibility for being complicit in this process. It is they who have surrendered their responsibilities to private ambition and 'big money'. Deposing Donald Trump won't fix the problem, nor will outlasting his presidency. US democratic institutions are now hostage to the of those whose driving motivation is .

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Thomas Piketty and Emmanuel Saez (2013) provide a compelling case, with historical contextualization, for progressive inheritance, income and wealth taxes in democratically organized capitalist societies. As they summarize:

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Several new articles have appeared in the last few weeks in the major media outlets expressing surprise that central banks have had little effect on economic growth despite the rather massive buildup of their 'balance sheets' via various types of quantitative easing programs. I have indicated before that I am coming to the view that most of the media, politicians, central bankers and other likely types (IMF and European Commission officials etc) seem to be in a constant state of 'surprise' as each day of reality fails to confirm what they said yesterday or last week (allowing for lags :-)). What a group of surprised people we have to effectively run our nations on behalf of capital. Poor souls, constantly be shocked out of their certainties. That is what Groupthink does - creates mobs that deny reality until it smacks them so hard in the face that they can only utter "that was surprising!" And in that context, the latest media trend appears to be something along the lines of 'well let's get the turbines moving' or 'those helicopters are about to launch' and when we read that and what follows we learn that the media input into our lives only reinforces the smokescreen of ignorance that we conduct our daily lives within.

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More than 40 years after those scribblings, President Trump is reviving the so-called Laffer curve as he announces the broad outlines of a tax overhaul on Wednesday. What the first President George Bush once called "voodoo economics" is back, as Mr. Trump's advisers argue that deep cuts in corporate taxes will ultimately pay for themselves with an explosion of new business and job creation.

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Within Western nations the exercise of sovereignty is strongly influenced by the secondary ideological presumptions of those wielding power and/or authority. As we outline in this chapter, neoliberal understandings presume governmental abdication of authority to economic forces, with government being reduced to capitalism's police force. In such circumstances governmental sovereignty is forfeited to dominating plutocracies. As , echoing both Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address,

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All kinds of social customs and economic practices, affecting the distribution of wealth and of economic rewards and penalties, which we now maintain at all costs, however distasteful and unjust they may be in themselves, because they are tremendously useful in promoting the accumulation of capital, we shall then be free, at last, to discard.
(Keynes (1930) (pp.5-6), in John Maynard Keynes (1963) Essays in Persuasion, W. W. Norton & Co., New York, pp. 358-373)

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Thirty gigabytes of Bradley Foundation internal documents hacked by a group named Anonymous Poland reveal that after a $200 million influx of cash in late 2012 from the trust of Caroline Bradley, Lynde's wife, the Bradley Foundation geared up to fund networks of conservative think tanks, legal centers, candidate recruitment organizations, media outlets and advocacy groups in 13 states, based on the foundation's successful efforts in Wisconsin. The foundation had already laid the groundwork for a welfare-to-work program and a private school voucher system and defended GOP Gov. Scott Walker in a campaign finance probe, helping him survive a recall election prompted by his dismantling of public-sector unions.

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Last January, in my Message to the Congress on the state of the Union, I outlined an Economic Bill of Rights on which a new basis of security and prosperity can be established for all - regardless of station, race or creed: