Limited water reserves can’t tolerate more water pollutions.

The three main areas of pollution in canada are in the air, water and soil.

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In China, one satirical criteria introduced by Chinese Netizens to assess the water quality is to “pay the environment protection bureau chiefs money whether they dare to swim in the polluted rivers”.

If severe, the pollution can kill off birds, fish, and any animals that use the water source....

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To address the threats posed by limited oceanic pollution regulation in American and international waters, several American nongovernmental organizations have pursued diverse tactics to generate government, industry, and consumer response....

As a result, combat water pollution with full strength should be high on the agenda.

If China wants to develop with an average speed of 7.5 percent in the coming 10 years, water shortage and pollution will be a great challenge.

Everything from algae to the supply of water we need to survive is affected by pollution....

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Water pollution is a problem that most everyone would agree does exist. The toxic substances in the water can kill the plant life, animal life, and in some cases, the human life. In Teluk Mengkuang, Sijangkang...

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Obviously, with the rapid development of urbanization and the population swelling in the past three decades, water pollution has increasingly been a severe problem and begun to threaten the public health and sustainable development.

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Water pollution: water pollution is due to industrial development and special toxic gases that come out of the factories and harmful substances that are thrown in the water, such as sewage and chemical cleaners and metal elements, and this results in the destruction of drinking water and making water unusable....

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Since 2011, a series of water pollution cases has been exposed, like the oil leakage in the Bohai Bay, the cadmium contamination along the Longjiang river of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and the dead pig incident in Huangpu River of Shanghai city.

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The body of the essay also accounts for the quality of your output. Make sure that you include pertinent details in your essay. Be consistent with your topic as well. Avoid writing about water pollution if your main topic is air pollution.

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Last year, China’s watchdog for disease control confirmed that water pollution was responsible for the high cancer rates along the Huai River and its tributaries.