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A tone and diction analysis for Judy Brady's "I Want a Wife"

Women in the Workplace: Analysis of Judy Brady's Essay

Brady, an active member of women’s movement and a writer of mostly feminism articles wrote “Why I Want a Wife”, an essay where she humorously writes down a lists of why she wants a wife but embeds the unsolicited role of women in the society.

Analysis Lesson: Brady's "I Want a Wife" and the Power …

"I Want a Wife" Essay Analysis - 593 Words

The two essays, "I Want a Wife" by Brady, and "From Now On, Let Women Kill Their Own Spiders" by Barry can be compared and contrasted through their audience, humor, and purpose.

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the sardonic tone; makes obvious that the men, among other members of this society, are motivated by self-interest in using the “obvious” factor of things

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Melida Hernandez, Barbara Marquez, Stefan Martinez, Zackary Lash
: grimly mocking, or cynical.

I Want a Wife: Judy Brady Audience Who is Judy trying to reach with this essay