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Essaydi’s detailed and intricately staged photographs mirror the realistic styles of European Orientalist artists. But Essaydi often turns their passive subjects on end. The direct gazes of many of Essaydi’s subjects challenge assumptions that these Arab women are passive. The veiling and unveiling of women’s faces, heads, and upper bodies question the European fantasy of the sensuous, available Arab woman behind the veil. Women reclining in the intimate spaces of the home—the harem—invite the viewer to reconsider the actual experiences of Arab women. They also question the fantasies of Western male viewers traditionally excluded from these spaces as outsiders.

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Like others with multifaceted identities, Essaydi confronts expectations founded on historical representations and widely held preconceptions.

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Internationally acclaimed artist Lalla Essaydi was born in 1956 in Marakkech, Morocco, in North Africa. Essaydi lived for several years in the Middle East, in Saudi Arabia, and then she traveled to Paris, France, to first formally study painting. In America she earned her Master’s of Fine Arts degree in Painting and Photography, awarded in 2003, at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. The artist now travels between studios in New York and Boston, and historic sites in Morocco to carry out her work. The experiences of Arab women are the focus of her creative practice.

“Bullets Revisited #22,” Lalla Essaydi. Photo: Jenkins Johnson Gallery

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She believes her work, with its intimate portrayal of Moroccan women, would not have been possible without distance from her homeland.

In the last decade, Essaydi has risen to international prominence.