Langston Hughes’ Let America Be America Again

Both poems speak to the prejudice that is accepted and current in America's past and present.

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[adrian 10] Hairsplitting. Your genocide was more thorough, that’s all. The key idea was that white (later sometimes yellow) guys with superior technology beat on usually darker-skinned guys and took their stuff away. …

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States shouldn’t be involved in elementary or high school education. It’s time to start privatizing the state colleges too. Local schools can be funded and run by the parents who send their children there – with no involvement by big-city bureaucracies, school boards, and teachers’ unions. Get everything down to the most local level possible and let’s have some real accountability.

Therefore, she had to go to town to sell their food to the markets because it was too dangerous.

In the end Columbia is convinced. She gazes upon a group of Indians dressed a farmers, teachers, and mechanics. Their plea for a place of honor and citizenship seems too reasonable to deny, and she says to her Indian wards: "You have gained your cause. Your past, your present, and your purposes for the future prove your right to share all I have to give. Take my banner, and your place as my citizens." (Adams, pp.196-9)

This fact is more easily understood if racism is understood for what it really is.

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My point is simple: the 19th Century is like Vegas, whatever happened in the 19th Century stayed in the 19th Century. Should we still hold grudges against Great Britain for the burning of the White House in the War of 1812? How about the fact that Canada actually took some US land up in Maine? Do Northerners still believe the South ought to be convinced at the end of a gun? (I live in North Carolina, for the record, and for the record, NC is currently experiencing serious econimic growth because a lot of Yankees are moving here and setting up shop).

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I use the term “Islamofascism” because both the Baath Party and the Muslim Brotherhood explicitly emulated what they perceived as the strengths of Fascist doctrine and organization. They, too, extracted the essential ideas while discarding the superficial ones. The fact that Qutb and the Muslim Brotherhood located their authority in the will of Allah rather than a mystical conception of the ‘Volk’ or nation is of no actual consequence.

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It also explains why Muslims (are told to) riot and kill over cartoons or police chases, but not over Islamic schools keeping young girls inside burning buildings because their heads weren’t properly covered or when Filipinos behead Christian schoolchildren in the name of Allah.

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There were numerous protests/rallies around the country, the most popular being the “Million Hoodie March” in New York City, named after the Million Man March that took place in Washington D.C in 1995.

Let america be america again essay

America preferred to dominate other countries throughout the 20th century indirectly, by co-opting their elites, as Euro-style colonialism had become unprofitable – basically the natives were getting too restless, reading Marx etc. That system appears to be in the process of breaking down. It’ll be interesting to see what replaces it.