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Sachar makes the Warden very memorable by the fact that she is a very vicious person.

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Writing about heroes and their mythic qualities gives students the chance to connect Stanley’s stories with other great legends of film, television, and fiction. It also serves as a way to get students thinking about their own character traits. We begin this discussion by brainstorming a list of heroes with students and try to list all of the television and film superheroes that they can remember from the Ninja Turtles to Spiderman to Xena to Buffy. Then we list the literary heroes such as Arthur, Odysseus, Robin Hood, Britomart, Beowulf, the Redcrosse Knight, and others. From there we begin to look for similar characteristics and common storylines. Students write about childhood heroes and explain the difference between a hero and a role model. Then we discuss Stanley and his qualities to see whether he fits the definition of mythic hero. Students are asked to write about sacrifice, those made by legendary heroes but also their own personal sacrifices. We also ask them to think about strengths and, like Stanley, to look within themselves for their own strengths. The journal prompt is a simple question, “What is your greatest strength?” Stanley is sent to Camp Green Lake to build character, so it is only fitting to use his story to help our students with this same lesson.

In the book Holes Stanley Yelnats gets sent to a detention camp because of bad luck.

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Stanley believes his bad luck is because of a curse placed on his family after his great great grandfather, Elya Yelnats, stole a pig from a gypsy, Madame Zeroni....

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Our study of , like the novel, comes full circle. At the end of the book, the characters are all “whole.” Zero has regained his identity and his mother, the Yelnats family has achieved good fortune, and even Clyde Livingston has found a cure (thanks to Stanley’s father) for his smelly feet. Our discussions come back to our opening lessons on Emerson’s self- reliance. Each of the characters finds the integrity and wholeness that Emerson suggests as central to the discovery of identity, but each also must keep an open mind to accepting help from another in order to find wholeness. Through this discussion students understand the significance of helping one another on the journey to self-reliance.

The author of the book ‘Holes’, Louis Sachar packed this book with many difficult tests for his characters.

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We meet the young Stanley Yelnats, who is about to embark on an unexpected journey that takes him through the extremely painful and unforgettable Camp Green Lake where he is forced to fight for survival against the unbearable heat and all of the dangers lurking in the sandy pit of a camp....