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The two concepts generally agreed upon as existing are short-term memory and long-term memory.

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Previous studies have suggested that this perceived memory loss may be associated with temporary exhaustion of working memory capacity (WMC) (Casey, 2000).

But as many of the cognitive psychologists know, human’s memory can cause many errors....

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While many studies have been done to examine the implications of stress on our physical well-being, there is limited research on specifically how stress affects working memory....

In these cases, temporary memory loss is attributed to psychological causes (i.e.

As part of the research paper, however, you may wish to say something bigger, something that goes beyond these particular poems. That might be about Wordsworth’s larger body of work. Are these poems representative or unusual? Do they break with his previous work or anticipate work yet to come? You may wish to comment on Wordsworth’s close ties to his fellow “Lake Poets,” Coleridge and Southey, underscoring some similarities in their work. Do they use language in shared ways? Do they use similar metaphors or explore similar themes? You may even wish to show how these particular poems are properly understood as part of the wider Romantic movement in literature and the arts. Any of these would connect the specific poems to larger themes.

Squire’s book, Memory and Brain, we can classify Memory into three different stages: Immediate, Short Term, and Long Term....

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First, tutors and workshop leaders are usually quite adept at helping you focus and shape your topic. That’s what they do best. Even if they are relatively new teachers, they have been writing research papers themselves for many years. They know how to do it well and how to avoid common mistakes. To craft their own papers, they have learned how to narrow their topics, gather data, interpret sources, and evaluate conjectures. They know how to use appropriate methods and how to mine the academic literature. In all these ways, they can assist you with their own hard-won experience. To avoid any confusion, just make sure your instructor knows what advice you are getting from workshop leaders and tutors. You want everyone to be pulling in the same direction.

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Under normal conditions, when a memory is built or retrieved, the hippocampus blends together all the elements of a memory from all the sensory areas. Initially, short-term memories are stored in the hippocampus, but when they are no longer required as ‘conscious memories’, the hippocampus processes these into other parts of the brain (to create longer term memories).

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If you don’t narrow these sprawling topics and focus your work, you can only skim the surface. Skimming the surface is not what you want to do in a research paper. You want to understand your subject in depth and convey that understanding to your readers.

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Students in the humanities want to explore their own big ideas, and they, too, need to focus their research. In English literature, their big issue might be “masculinity” or, to narrow the range a bit, “masculinity in Jewish American literature.” Important as these issues are, they are too vast for anyone to read all the major novels plus all the relevant criticism and then frame a comprehensive research paper.