The Importance Of Communication In The Military

However, the military isn’t for everyone, but it offers so much for those who serve.

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Also, in Israel when women turn 18, they are able to join the military (Global Issues).

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Generally speaking, deployment is the moving of military personnel and materials from a home station to a specified destination. It’s never guaranteed that a servicemember will be deployed, and it depends on an individual’s Military Occupational Specialty () and unit of assignment (the group of servicemembers you work with). Keep in mind that deployment doesn’t automatically mean going to war. Servicemembers can be deployed for support in noncombat areas or foreign humanitarian missions, or they may even be deployed domestically to help with disaster relief. The U.S. Military has bases in multiple countries besides the United States. During deployments, servicemembers may have some time for recreation and exploration.

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There are plenty of on-base entertainment resources available to servicemembers and their families: gyms, movie theaters, bowling alleys, parks and more. In addition to facilities, the Military also works with to bring exclusive entertainment shows. Today, Armed Forces Entertainment hosts more than 600 exclusive entertainment shows around the world each year at 200 military installations, featuring some of the most popular musicians, comedians, athletes and actors.

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Physical fitness has always been a large part of military training. It’s a crucial element of Basic Training and strongly encouraged throughout a servicemember’s military career.

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Physical fitness requirements throughout your time of service vary, depending on branch and career choice. Some servicemembers are required to pass a every six months to continue serving, while it is less frequent for others. Regardless, the Military always promotes continued functional fitness, which includes mental, emotional and social well-being. In fact, the Army recently adopted a Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness program that emphasizes not just muscle strength, but the five pillars of total fitness: physical, emotional, social, spiritual and family strength. Such emerging programs aim to develop and maintain balanced and healthy servicemembers, whose total fitness will help them in a range of challenging situations and foster long-term resilience.

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With that said, deployment can present legitimate concerns. Proper preparation, especially for servicemembers with families, can help minimize stress and anxiety. Several deployment preparation websites are available that offer guidance and support to servicemembers and their families. It’s also important to note that during deployment servicemembers usually have access to postal mail, email, instant messaging and phone service (even at sea). While communication may be restricted during certain missions, modern technology makes it relatively easy for servicemembers to keep in touch.

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The Military has established exclusive programs addressing every aspect of family life to help servicemembers and their loved ones. Some program examples include affordable family housing, military spouse education, child care, affordable shopping, youth education and development, family health care, family advocacy, services for families with special needs, family citizenship, family recreation, financial stability, family relocation and family counseling. And that’s just to name a few. The Military is constantly developing and expanding programs to maximize servicemember families’ stability and quality of life.

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There are many opportunities to travel the world in the Military. Your first step after Basic Training will most likely be , followed by travel to your first duty assignment. While there’s no guarantee of placement, you can volunteer for overseas duty if you want to see more of the world. The Military has bases in Hawaii, Japan, Germany, England, Italy, Spain and other unique locations. And no matter where they are based, depending on their current assignment, servicemembers have opportunities to travel the world through deployment and recreation.