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As I dig deeper into this issue, I’m finding that the conventions vary depending on where your work is being published.
For many American students and writers of scholarly works in the humanities, the and are the authoritative guides. Their advice is to underline (or italicize) the title of a television show, but to put a show’s episode title in quotation marks.
For newspaper and magazine publishing, the has gained widespread acceptance, though individual publishers often have their own complementary guides. Here’s what the AP Stylebook says:

do i have to underline or quot quot book titles in mla essay book title in

When writing about a television show, should you underline the title?

do you underline, italicize, or put the name of an essay in quotes???
i want to put this essay in my very important language arts report, which is like 90% of my grade for this semester….

do you underline a song or put it in quotations?

okay so im writing an essay over poems by walt whitman. would i use quotations or underline the name of one of his short poems in his book leaves of grass?

Do I underline the title of a play in my essay? or italics, or quotation?

Do you underline the title of an essay?

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Do you underline a movie title for an essay

I’m not sure why, but The New Yorker puts quotation marks around everything, whether it’s a short story or a novel or a television show. I suppose the most important thing is internal consistency. If you use italics for one novel’s title, use italics for every novel’s title; don’t switch to quotation marks or underlining halfway through an article, or even in a different article of the same publication.

Do you underline titles of movies in an essay

Apply the guidelines listed here to book titles, computer game titles (but not software titles), movie titles, opera titles, play titles, poem titles, song titles, television program titles, and the titles of lectures, speeches, and works of art.
—Put quotation marks around the names of all such works except the Bible and books that are primarily catalogs of reference material.

titles of essays are underlined.

Ali, put song titles inside quotation marks.
Sarah, the rule that I learned long ago (and which you probably should double-check) is that one-act and other short plays take quotation marks, but longer plays take italics or underlining. This “rule” is consistent with the distinction between short stories (quotation marks) and novels (italics or underlining).

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Do you underline a movie title or use quotation mark aroun them?
I read that we use quotation mark around short poems. What do you mean by “short”? How long do you consider “short” ?