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In My Name Is Asher Lev, young Asher Lev has a similarly difficult choice on his hands: create the artwork that he knows he has the talent to create and be cast out of his religious community, or remain in his religious community and never paint again. And before you go saying: Well of course he should just paint the pictures if he's going to get famous from them—that's a no-brainer, consider how important your community is to you.

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Uncle Yitzchok has a dynamic and significant role in the final outcome of the text, "My name is Asher Lev." Uncle Yitzchok is Aryeh Lev's brother and lives a few blocks from Aryeh. From the text the reader understands that Uncle Yitzchok is the owner of a jewelry and watch shop close to Yudel Krinsky's store. "This is a six year old boy? A little Chagall," says Uncle Yitzchok as he peers to see Asher's drawings. Uncle Yitzchok goes onto complimenting Asher when he continues to say, "a regular Chagall." Uncle Yitzchok then goes onto purchase one of Asher's drawings. "Now I own an early Lev," he says as he puts the coin on the table.

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He is allowing Asher's talent to grow and understands the need of space for a growing 'Chagall.' Uncle Yitzchok is a key in the conclusion of the text as without him Asher's talent may have disappeared, as he would have had to go to Vienna and also the gesture of giving Asher his attic, encouraging growth of the 'gift.'The Rebbe in "My name is Asher Lev," is the leader and spiritual adviser to the community of Hasidic Jews. He is the controlling force behind Asher's family. He determines actions of Asher's father and Asher himself. From a young age, Asher artistic talent is apparent to the Rebbe. During Asher's mother's illness, the reader gains a first impression of the Rebbe through Potok's technique of imagery.