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At the beginning of the fall semester, my department chair sent an e-mail inviting faculty members to sign up for a date to visit her graduate Research Methods class and “talk about [our] research.” Although the majority of the research I conduct as a personal essayist and memoirist involves investigating the recesses of my memory, the work I’m drawn to as a reader most often involves essays infused with research. So as my turn to visit the class approached in October, I kept thinking about four books I read this year.

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A retired Major League Baseball player explains how he's trying to turn an upsetting encounter with the police Write My Essay, Please!

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Some years ago I looked through a lot of secondary material on piracy hopingto find a study of these enclaves--but it appeared as if no historian hasyet found them worthy of analysis. (William Burroughs has mentioned thesubject, as did the late British anarchist Larry Law--but no systematicresearch has been carried out.) I retreated to primary sources and constructedmy own theory, some aspects of which will be discussed in this essay. Icalled the settlements "Pirate Utopias."

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I'd lived with war, but I still needed to learn to live with peace

Perhaps the Neo-Paleolithic School are correct when they assert that allforms of alienation and mediation must be destroyed or abandoned beforeour goals can be realized--or perhaps true anarchy will be realized onlyin Outer Space, as some futuro-libertarians assert. But the TAZ does notconcern itself very much with "was" or "will be." The TAZ is interestedin results, successful raids on consensus reality, breakthroughs into moreintense and more abundant life. If the computer cannot be used in this project,then the computer will have to be overcome. My intuition however suggeststhat the counter-Net is already coming into being, perhaps already exists--butI cannot prove it. I've based the theory of the TAZ in large part on thisintuition. Of course the Web also involves non-computerized networks ofexchange such as samizdat, the black market, etc.--but the full potentialof non-hierarchic information networking logically leads to the computeras the tool par excellence. Now I'm waiting for the hackers to prove I'mright, that my intuition is valid. Where are my turnips?

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When I began that long and exhausting process known as “the college search”, I had my own visions of a bohemian paradise, of meeting peers with whom I could debate politics, philosophy and art long into the night. Oberlin College was the site of my college ideal; it was small, politically left-leaning and academically rigorous, and it had a history of racial and sexual inclusivity. It was also my father’s alma mater, and he had the same fond memories of his time there that Mr. Perlstein’s beatnik friend recounted so wistfully – for my father, college was a haven from his parents, the place where he met his oldest and best friends and the intellectual mecca where he turned his interest in Spanish literature into a passion.