Various techniques can be used to Uranium.

Moreover, the nuclear reactors and power plants have complicated safety and security features.

Safety is also important for the workers of nuclear power plants.

In the present there are so many continues to increase their interest in nuclear power (Irvine, 97) Nuclear power known facts Nuclear power reactor does not produce direct carbon dioxide emissions.

Nuclear Power plants pay back the energy required to build them in less than 2 months of operation.

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If the Nuclear Power Industry delivers generating capacity at $1500 per kilowatt it will likely place the price of electricity produced at around 3 US cents per KWHr.

This includes the workers as well as humans living around the nuclear power plant.

Uranium) we have on the earth can cover 200 years of nuclear power supply, whereas fossil fuels such as oil is running low and there is risk that we will no longer be able to extract it some near future.

It is also necessary for independant parties to monitor Nuclear Power plants.

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Therefore, the is a need to go the Greenpeace way and opt for renewable power that could help combat the climate change a major global concern and safe human being from danger and healthy problems that could be experienced while using nuclear power.

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The disasters in Chernobyl, Ukraine in 1986 and Fukushima Japan in 2011 continues to manifest the dangers of nuclear power melt-down and the dangers it poses to the human life and the planet earth(Sovacool ,67).

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A study on the incidence of childhood cancer around nuclear power plants in Great Britain by the Health Protection Agency for the committee on Medical Aspects of Radiation in the environment concluded that there have been no increase in childhood cancers for children living less than 25km from a nuclear power plant.

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Therefore the only recommendation is to move away from nuclear power and rely on renewable power for it is cheap and environmental friendly( McLeish, 78) Conclusion: To conclude, Nuclear power has a great share of the problem to the environment and people in general.

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The performance of Nuclear Power can also be measured by calculating the total energy required to build and run a Nuclear Power plant and comparing it to the total energy it produces.

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To be precise, the disasters in Chernobyl, Ukraine in 1986 and Fukushima Japan in 2011 continue to create public awareness especially on the dangers of nuclear power (McLeish, 29) Moreover, the enormous amount of radiation released into the surrounding communities continues to force hundreds thousands of people to vacate and up to date there is no safe and reliable solution for dealing with radioactive waste produced by nuclear plants.