One of the reasons it has been so is because of the hero, Odysseus.

The entire book Odysseus longs to see his wife but he is a good man and a courageous leader.

Homer's The Odyssey is an epic poem telling of one man's journey.

Incorporated into The Odyssey are many current-day characteristics of man including a constant dependence on others, the presence of a greater vision, or lack there of, and the essence of a sensitive side behind...

Homer’s Odyssey is the product of a society in which men played the dominant role.

The contests of Odysseus' wisdom, honor, piety and prudence....

Because of Odysseus’ quick decisions and ability to go with his intuition, the plan works and Odysseus is reunited with his wife.

Without commitment, Odysseus would never have made it home to Ithaca.

Many key choices are made during the trip, and Odysseus proves he can make the right ones.

One may often think that a few major characters propel a story’s plot, but in The Odyssey a few minor characters have the ability to change the story completely.

Only because of Odysseus’ leadership, the men got out of the strait of Scylla and Charybdis.

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When the not-so-glorious Odysseus, son of Laertes just manages to elude the cannibalistic clutches of the blinded Kyklops (IX) and takes to the high seas, he becomes arrogant and taunts his nemesis.

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The swineherd is not the only character that Homer uses to show loyalty, Penelope and Telemachus show unyielding faithfulness to Odysseus throughout the epic poem; as do many other characters even gods.

Page 2 Odysseus Leadership Essay.

So in answer to the King, Odysseus reveals his identity, background and adventures: from Troy, the winds sweep him and his men to Ismarus, city of the Cicones.

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When Odysseus is talking to Telemachus in Eumaeus’ hut, Telemachus is doubtful they can overthrow all of the suitors and is unconvinced the gods will help.

Odysseus is a good leader Essay Examples - New York essay

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