How to Write a Basic Five-Paragraph Opinion Essay

It’s fine to write a clear, comprehensive thesis statement which shows your full opinion.

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dear Liz i have a question i always was writing my essays like this for a disagree and agree essay. In the introduction i always try to do a balance in my opnion like this:

You only give your opinion when it is asked for. You don’t need to use “agree” or “disagree”. Writing “I think…” is your opinion.

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Is it correct to write “while i believe intelligence can be measured with success, in my opinion it is better to gauge intelligence with myriad ways” in the introduction?

Please see this page to learn the way to write your opinion:  and see this following page to learn when to give it: All the bestLiz

There is no set rule. As soon as you see it is an opinion essay (an essay that asks for your view), you can choose your position – one sided or partial. I have advanced lessons which explain this and show how the same essay can be written one-sided or with a partial view. In the lesson, the “partial view” is called a “balanced opinion” – it’s just a different way to say it. Here is a link to my advanced writing task 2 lessons:

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Hello Liz,
Since I agree with the statement but I also believe we have to add healthy diet as well, so can I say – ” Although I agree with this statement up to a point, I also hold some reservations.” as my opinion?
Then I will write one paragraph for physical activity and another for maintaining healthy diet.

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The examiner is not marking you based on whether you agree, disagree or partially agree. You can choose any answer you want. The examiner is only marking your ability to present a clear opinion and support it. Many teachers will tell students to avoid the partially agree answer because it is not easy to write. So many students make a mistake with it. You need to be trained to use a partially agree answer. This means that choosing one side is easier to write and avoids more errors. What is my opinion? I think if you are fully trained in the right way, you can choose the answer that suits your opinion. But if you are not sure, go for the one sided. If you are aiming for band 7, the problem might be in how you address the task, your organisation, your linking or the number of mistakes you make in grammar and vocabulary.

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On these actual essay its only asked on what extent do you agree or disagree does that stil requires your oopinion for example i completely agree rather than in my opinion i completely agree

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Im planning to take my IELTS this June and I’ve been practicing my writing for quite some time now. I managed to come across a Writing Task 2 question from a different source which I find a bit hard to understand. Hoping you could share some of your ideas on how you are going to approach this topic: Almost three-quarters of the population of the developed world live in towns and cities whereas around two-thirds of the developing world lives in rural areas. The developed world should lead by example and not insist that aid to third world is used to develop rural areas. To what extend do you agree or disagree.

person would like and dislike about living in your town or city

Those three lessons teach you the fundamental ways of writing an IELTS essay. They show you the variety of structures, flexible linking, how to plan and organise your essay and what the examiner is looking for. With those skills, you should be able to answer any essay. The solution essay is either:
solutions only
problems solutions
cause solutions
Just follow the instructions and organise your ideas into logical paragraphs.
For direct questions, you will have one, two or three questions. Just answer them directly. If it asks “is this positive OR negative” it is asking for your opinion and you must choose.
I hope to have more advanced lessons ready later this year or next year.