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But smoking rates are also higher among residents of public housing, which could make enforcement difficult; Americans who live below the poverty level are 1.6 times more likely to smoke than other Americans. The essay calls for continuing to make smoking cessation tools, including nicotine patches and gum, available to low-income residents so they can quit the habit.

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In their essay in the medical journal, Dr. Winickoff and his co-authors, Mark Gottlieb of the Public Health Advocacy Institute at Northeastern School of Law and Michelle M. Mello of the Harvard School of Public Health, note that the concluded there is no safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke. They note that the National Toxicology Program has identified over 250 toxic gases, chemicals and metals in tobacco smoke, including 11 class A carcinogens linked to cancer.

Samples of all major organs will be taken, slides prepared and treated before being passed to HLS's laboratories where the effects of the substance on the dogs are assessed.