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Here is what I think about the nature of any episode of history, without repeating basic ideas, which I reduce to Figure 1. For its interpretation see Essay 48. Motives and Opportunities . In short, motives correspond to the projected gain in stability and opportunities inversely depend on the projected height of the transition barrier, i.e. loss of stability from the initial state to transition state. In human matters we never know the validity of our projection until the analysis. I believe this is what George Soros calls the principle of fallibility (see Essays 46 and 48 ).

In this essay, Walzer talks about different reasons that people would want to resort to terrorism.

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Canada is very concerned with the issue of terrorism, it has a very specific position of counter-terrorism, it believes that violent extremists are the leading cause of terrorism, it has ways that the international community should respond, and it is willing to contribute to make the problem of terrorism end....

I am coming to the core maddening problem of terrorism, especially, the suicidal one.

There is abundant and diverse literature on , the main points of which can be easily found on the Web. Among the books, Dying to Win: The Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism ( ) by Robert A. Pape is outstanding and I would trust him more than myself even if I disagreed. It is full of hard unexpected facts, striking revelations and it leaves disturbing questions, too. What struck me most was the relatively small number of suicide attack (315) between 1980 and 2003. I was also reading with awe the passionate and penetrating by Fathali M. Moghaddam, which is not reflected in this Essay. Bernard Lewis provides a historical perspectiveas profound as it is artisticin his books, for example, , . He has a unique ability not only to draw parallels but to uncover contrasts and he speaks from the unambiguous moral position of individual freedom and not from abstract and toothless humanistic values.

His essay, Excusing Terror, is one that best relates to the current events happening around the world.

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The novelty is that Islamism acts in the name of tradition. Islamism is a conservative terrorism on world scale. Its theorism is defense and preservation by means of attack and destruction. It is not the same as the ultimate aspirations of the Islamist leaders, which hardly differ from those of all aggressive political leaders, from pharaohs to modern dictators. Hundreds of peopleand thousands waiting in lineblow themselves up to welcome a few leaders to power, wealth, and fame (or a futile dream of it) with a carpet runner strewn with pieces of scorched human flesh instead of rose petals.


The Holy Russia was one thousand years old. The Soviet Rule lasted about 70 years and, more important, was condemned by history, at least for now. The restoration of the glory of the Holy Russia in a modified and modernized form seems now the official grand goal of Vladimir Putin's government, with its old Soviet habits. Condemnation, indignation, and emotions in general are a very poor way to understanding, however. Alas, there is no such thing as impassionate history. I wish a Martian-American could someday write it. See Essay 48.

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"I value communal rights more than individual rights. In an Islamic state, the individual is not free to do what he wishes. There are limits ordained by God's laws, which supersede any human authority," one of the terrorist of the first generation said to Favaz Gerges (p.53). This philosophy of the beehive and anthill was exactly the core of the Soviet official moral: the individual must subordinate his interests to the interests of the tribe. The tribe size can vary from the family to the country to all the believers of the same creed in the world. Proletarian solidarity was the Soviet equivalent of Muslim solidarity; proletariat was the fictional Soviet .

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The country that harbors more Southern American terrorists, executioners and dictators than anyone else in the world has shown us all what happens when others harbor wanted men.