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Peru is a developing country that is rich in their physical resources

A bilingual internet resource on colonial material culture, with introductory essays on various themes, an image gallery, bibliography, glossary, and internet links. A companion DVD is also available through University of Texas Press, offering high-resolution images and a library of primary documents including translations and commentaries.

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Taken as a group, the photographs in the central patio suggested a visual vocabulary of pain in which suffering is made recognizable through both a language of gesture and an engagement with faces that do not return our gaze. A photograph by Oscar Medrano, for example, shows the half covered face of an injured man, Celestino Ccente [Figure 5]. His right eye stares downward and in front of him at what we imagine to be an empty, unfocused space. Framed by the stone columns and cornice of an old door in the center wall of the patio, this portrait was the first image to confront the visitor as she entered the room. Ccente’s face was then repeated and refracted in the patio’s rectangular reflecting pool as the visitor moved around the room.

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The Moche culture thrived on Peru’s northern coast between approximately 200 and 900 C.E. Rising and falling long before the Inka, the culture left no written records, and the early Spanish colonists who chronicled the cultures of Peru found the Chimú people in what had earlier been Moche territory. The Moche are a prime example of how archaeologists and art historians use scientific methods of data collection and evaluation in understanding ancient, non-literate cultures.

Introduction Peru is a Latin American country bordering Pacific ocean. Its name is derived from an Indian word, which means land of abundance. Per has a to

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One lawyer is saying YES (i.e. reason is reliable, with examples) and the other is pointing out the weaknesses in what lawyer 1 is saying (i.e. reason is often not reliable, also with examples).

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10 Experts who prepared the reports for the commission pointed to such “cultural” factors as the Indians’ ignorance of national law and morality, their differing sense of blame, and their deep conservatism, and traditional bellicosity. The legal historian, Fernando de Trazegnies, for example, observed in the account he gave to the commission in February 18, 1983 that: “The Uchuraccay peasants declared that they were in favor of (president) Belaunde and the government; and they repeated this statement several times. However, those were not the peaceful statements any other supporter, ally, or ordinary citizen mindful of his civil and legal duties could state. Rather, they were the statements of a tribe or a nation that decides to ratify its alliance with another tribe or nation involved in an ongoing war” (quoted in Vargas Llosa et al, 1983, 29). See also Vargas Llosa 1983.

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14 On racial practices and language in Peru, see Callirgos 1993 and de la Cadena 2000. In another example of how strongly photography is tied to race, when the familias of the victims of Uchuraccay mounted an exhibit featuring Retto’s photographs in the city of Huamanga (Ayacucho), the Uchuraccay peasants objected strongly that the photographs and the exhibit more generally portrayed them as “Indians” living outside the modern nation state (del Pino 2003).