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Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.

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Aristotle and al’Ghazili are two philosophers that studied this purpose of life for almost all of their human existence.

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The main purpose of criminal law is to protect, serve, and limit human actions and to help guide human conduct.

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Man fails to perceive today the very purpose behind life and the relevance of his existence in a hostile world....

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The problem, the report noted, is the studies were so bare in their findings that it’s unclear how body cameras led to the decreases in bad behavior. Did citizens behave better because they were on camera? Did cops? A mix of both? The studies don’t provide a full answer for the cause-and-effect.

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Similar findings applied to other cities with body cameras. In multiple places, there were drops in citizen complaints. In the Scottish city of Aberdeen, there were fewer assaults on officers. And anecdotal evidence suggested a civilizing effect in Phoenix.

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The report found what seems to be a big early success in Rialto, California. Since 2012, all Rialto cops must wear body cameras. In the first year of the program, use of force by officers dropped 60 percent, and citizen complaints declined by 88 percent.

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In for the Department of Justice, Michael White, a professor of criminology at Arizona State University, reviewed the slim evidence on body cameras and the experiences of police departments around the world. White found some major benefits to the devices, but he also outlined a few lingering unanswered questions and concerns.


suggested as many as 93 percent of misconduct investigations with dashboard camera evidence exonerated officers. (The high exoneration rate is based on officers’ self-reports, so it could be an overestimate.) Similar results may be possible with body cameras.

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Police departments are traditionally skeptical of the body cameras, but a lot of chiefs and officers have come around to the technology in recent years.