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I daily dream of my beloved motherland

Throughout my son’s history, I have yet to find a teacher with her compassion and dedication to her students. I have received phone calls early in the morning and at night because my son was missing an assignment or to determine a new way of making him advance to the next level in his education. I have received e-mails if he is having a bad day to inquire if anything was happening outside of school that might affect his behavior. We have had countless conversations on how we can work together for the success of my son to ensure he has the skills needed to move forward in life. She is not just correcting papers and teaching in the class, but she is involved in their extracurricular activities as well (ensuring they are not only well educated, but have the proper social skills to succeed as well). She is interacting with the parents, coming in before school to offer additional tutoring and assistance as well as staying after. She takes her position home at night and reaches out to family to ensure she is doing right by our children and ensuring the success of our kids.

Reaching your dreams essay

I wish it to be a richer, happier and healthier land to live in

Brysen is now a sixth-grader at Kempsville Middle, and he made the Principal’s List for the second quarter. Brysen set a goal at the beginning of the second quarter to make straight A's. Brysen has ADD and has been on medication for a few years. Two months ago he was taken off the medication. He's doing well but has to study harder as he has some trouble with staying focused, but not enough to need the medication any longer. When I asked Brysen what drives him and what is making him set such high goals for himself, he told me, “Mrs. Wyman and Ms. Winn,” and that they taught him in fifth grade to push yourself; set high goals; reach for your dreams.

I want it to be a veritable heaven on earth

I really respect Mr. Andrew Jackson at Green Run Collegiate. He has been the most demanding and challenging teacher that my son has had in his four years at the school, yet my son looks forward to his classes the most. That's because he has a great rapport with the students and has earned their respect. He has tremendous expectations, but he's up front about them and really pushes the kids to give their all to their work. It's just the motivation the kids need so they don't give less effort than they are capable of giving. He, too, always takes time to talk to parents when they are in the building, and he never hesitates to set up parent meetings when you request advice for how to help your student perform better. He's responsive in the evenings and on weekends when a student needs help or asks a question, and he's a devoted teacher. Despite how critical he can be, my son even chose him as his mentor for his extended essay because he knew Mr. Jackson was knowledgeable on the subject matter and would give him the most helpful and honest feedback, whether it was positive or negative.

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