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While less common than undergraduate scholarships, scholarships for graduate students are available

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Before you mail anything in, always get a second opinion. If you had to write an essay, have a trusted friend, parent or teacher proofread your work and offer constructive feedback. Also be sure to provide the prompt you were given so they can evaluate your ability to stay on target. As you know by now, focus and clarity are very important to scholarship judges.

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Numerous Jewish organizations award women varying scholarships that can put to rest many concerns regarding paying college tuition. Take a look at some of the many programs that can allow Jewish women to get a college education at an affordable cost.

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Applicants must complete the Scholarship Application form in its entirety and include all documentation, including resume, transcripts, essays and references as specified on the application form.

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The Jewish Community Center offers a scholarship for graduate students looking to major in a subject that leads to a career for the Jewish Community Center. Fields of study that are eligible for this scholarship include social work, sports management, physical education and many more.

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Scholarship America, a non-profit company, differentiates itself from Walmart by targeting college bound students who are in desperate need of financial aid to support their college tuition....

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There are hundreds of thousands of dollars available every year in scholarship awards for hardworking students eager to pursue their educational and professional goals. Begin your search for suitable scholarship programs by narrowing your focus from general studies to your specific career goals, and target those scholarship programs that best match your professional interests and your status as a student. With a bit of research you will soon find the scholarship program that will help you to realize your dreams of a higher education.

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A liberal arts, or professional, degree is not the goal of all high school graduates. A new generation of students are turning to vocational and trade schools as an alternative to the traditional four year college program. Vocational schools provide a much needed pathway to well paying careers for hard working, self motivated, students. Scholarships for trade and vocational schools make it possible for many high school graduates to get the training and education they need to move seamlessly into financially rewarding careers. Vocational and Trade Schools often offer their own scholarship programs to students for whom a four year university is not the preferred choice. Trade-oriented fields such as , , and provide their own scholarship opportunities for eligible students.

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Jewish women who are planning to major in accounting or other related fields can apply for a scholarship from the American Society of Women Accountants. The organization was created in order to give women interested in accounting and finance fields more opportunities to acquire a college education.