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The approach and method for proper and effective sex education has been hotly debated.

Two Main Sex Education Programs Taught in Schools

Sexuality is interwoven into every aspect of being human; therefore, having knowledge about sex is as essential as having education about human anatomy.

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Grades 7,8,9. Children learn about food choices, body images, bullying, fitness for life, safety, emergencies, and are shown cardiopulmonary resuscitation techniques. They discuss delaying sexual activity, sexual health and decision making including contraception, consent and personal limits, STD and pregnancy prevention, mental health and stress, warning signs, relationships and intimacy, gender identity and sexual orientation.

Along the years, many have argued whether or not sex education should be taught in schools.

In order to eliminate much of the racism, sexism, and other forms of prejudice that arise due to ignorance, it is necessary to look at education from another perspective: one that encourages togetherness and development alongside people of all races and genders....

In most public schools, there is some form of teaching of sex education.

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“Sex education needs to be implemented in schools throughout the nation for the protection of today’s youth and further generations from the dangers of unsafe sex and to teach them to understand what sex mean’s....

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Then, the sex education is a essential for invidious, family, and schools, privacy and public sides, which should be creating the best form to teach young generations to have satisfactory sexuality and preventing sexual transmission diseases, but numbers on statistics show the reality society needs help to i...

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The definition of sex education according to SIECUS (2002) “Sexuality education is a lifelong process of acquiring information and forming attitudes, beliefs, and values....

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This study is important to children with disabilities because it can help them discover the education opportunities available for them, the institutions they can rely on for economic support, and the treatment they should expect from the society....

Importance of Sex Education in Schools.

A summary of Ishiwata's report: Health Education Subjects for children and students according to stages of development, 2011, extracted from a report of the Japan Medical Association's School Health Committee, School health committee report of 2010.

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Grades 10,11,12. Children learn ways to have holistic health, healthy diets, lifelong physical activity benefits, skills and strategies, positive social and ethical behaviours including critical thinking and communication skills, forming good work habits, technology including consumer advertising and texting, leadership skills and personal competence, safety including community resources available for support, sexual health including pregnancy and STD prevention, dating and consent, mental health and stress, forming healthy relationships. And they learn about people with special needs and volunteer opportunities.