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In the context of Mary’s case, it is evident from the recorded conversation with frank that there is bullying and coercion of a sexual nature. In fact, there are promises of rewards that frank makes to Mary on condition of sexual favors. This whole situation amounts to sexual harassment that the human resource department should seek to prevent in the workplace setting. For the human resource manager who would be receiving the case such as Mary’s , there is the provision in the law that he/she can take legal action given that sexual harassment charges do not have to be made necessarily by the victim. They can be made by a third party who finds the behavior offending and in this case, the human resource manager can be of fit description.

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Managers are addressing and combating modern sexual harassment and workplace violence, however instances still occur (Robbins, Decenzo & Coulter, 2011).

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Another basis for filling as sexual harassment suit is the Hostile Work Environment basis whereby there is the distortion of the normal conducive work place environment by as co-worker or a supervisor who continually engages in unwelcome and very in appropriate sexual oriented behavior. The work place results to an atmosphere that is intimidating and hostile. The essential elements of hostile work environment are; first, the behaviors are sexually based, secondly the behavior is unwelcome. This implies that all jokes and comments that are degrading and intimidating are inclusive as per the Title VII. Another important element in the hostile work environment being established is the other incidents that are a perpetrated in the workplace that are not directed at the victim. These case and instances have been termed as important in establishing such an environment.

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HR Audit Checklists compels thoroughness. For example, it contains checklists both on Preventing Sexual Harassment and on Handling Sexual Harassment Complaints. You’d likely never think of all the possible trouble areas without a checklist; but with it, just scan down the list, and instantly see where you might get tripped up.

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Sexual harassment has been at the forefront of businesses for years whether it has been brought to court or settled under mediation, it is a constant in our society today.

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There are a several measures that the HR manger can encourage the employees to practice to reduce the occurrence of sexual harassment. The employees for instance can be encouraged to act professionally and with confidence that will sent a message of one thinking of sexual harassment that they will not get away with it. In addition its advisable that employees don’t reveal much about their social lives to others. The other measures that can a go along way in preventing the generation of such thoughts are the employees keeping away from soliciting personal favors and to be polite instead of being overfriendly (Boland 2005).