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In this essay, Walzer talks about different reasons that people would want to resort to terrorism.

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argues that "The international community needs to initiate a wider discussion about both sentencing standards and the crime of terrorism," and he recommends that the international community should "work out some sentencing guidelines first for the crimes currently in place and move toward a clearer statement of the criminalization of terrorism at a later stage." (Posted 7/8/11)In "Predators Over Pakistan,"The Weekly Standard, Volume 15, Number 24, pp.

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This essay will discuss the perception of a moral panic and will look at the case of the September 11th Terrorist attack against the United States of America, which triggered a colossal conflict of morality within modern day society....

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This potential can only be realized if four legitimacy factors are fully embraced and complied with: public justificatory deliberation, non-discrimination, meaningful review, and effective temporal limitation." (Posted 12/28/11)In "Explaining Suicide Terrorism: A Review Essay," Security Studies, Volume 16, Number 1, January–March 2007, pp.

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(Posted 7/18/04) (For more of Yoo's thought, see the RIGHTS OF ENEMIES section below.) Martin Shaw critically examines the common assumptions of counter-terrorism warfare in his essay, "Risk-transfer militarism and the legitimacy of war after Iraq".

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2 (2008): 227-44; Torture in Principle and in Practice," Public Affairs Quarterly 22 (2009): 111-128; "War, Terrorism, and the 'War on Terror'," in Christopher Miller, ed.,"War on Terror": The Oxford Amnesty Lectures 2006 (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2009); "War, Terrorism, and the 'War on Terror'," in Christopher Miller, ed.,"War on Terror": The Oxford Amnesty Lectures 2006 (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2009); "Humanitarian Intervention, Consent, and Proportionality," in N.

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In this essay I will argue Walzers view on Terrorism is correct in that terrorism is wrong because it is akin to murder, it is random in who it targets, and no one has immunity....

Short essay for students on terrorism ..

3, 2006, Michael Gross argues that "While named killings might be defensible on the grounds that there are no other ways to disable combatants when they fight without uniforms, the costs, including the cost of targeted killing emerging as an acceptable convention in its own right, should be sufficient to view the practice with a good deal of caution." (Posted 6/17/07) (Updated 5/29/11)In "Jus Ad Bellum After 9/11: A State of the Art Report" (pdf), The International Political Theory Beacon, Issue 3, June 2007, Mark Rigstad presents an overview and critical assessment of how just war theoretic principles of just cause, discrimination, and proportionality have been applied in the Global War on Terror.