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bête (n.f.) [BET] 1. animal. 2. cow, cattle. (adj.) 1. dumb, stupid. 2. silly.

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To make things easier, I get ruthless. Why lug about a heavy and overstuffed suitcase when in reality, I won’t wear half of what’s crammed in there. I always end up in Converse and jeans anyway, so let’s get down to business; what to pack, and what not to pack.

vas (v.i.) go [1st and 2nd p. sing. form of aller in the present tense.]

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crasse (n.f.) 1. crud; filth; sticky dirt. 2. (Figurative) low class person or people. Tu vas pas te marier avec lui! C'est de la crasse pure! (You're not going to marry him! He's pure trash!)

Ah mango pendant les soldes, toujours la folie ! En tout cas la petite robe que tu as réussi à trouver est pas mal du tout 😉 bisous !

Comme le dit l'ami Franky, le seul (petit) hic, ce sont ses jambes un peu trop fines : si tu veux, je te paie un vélo pour Noël, Mint :-) One of these days
I´m gonna learn how to share
gonna learn how to spoon
gonna learn how care
and sing a lullaby
And when that day comes
that day i´m dreaming of
I will even learn
will even learn
will even to love It is essentially with the shows and special appearances on TV, such as that with Jools Holland on the BBC, that her career has taken off in Portugal and other countries, with concerts in Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany, UK, Morocco, China, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

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coco (n.m.) 1. egg. 2. (figurative) odd character. Monsieur Aldus Hébert? Tu parles d'un drole de coco! (Mr. Aldus Hebert? You talk about a strange bird!)

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masquer (v.r.) to put on a mask. [By extension,] to put on a disguise or costume in which one's identity is hidden. Tu vas te masquer pour le Mardi Gras cette année? (Are you going to mask for Mardi Gras this year?)