I can enjoy being alone if I don't feel lonely.

Let the following quotes show you the glory of being alone and the magnificence of solitude.

Being alone is okay but sometimes you also need to be around people.

First follow NATURE, and your Judgment frame

By her just Standard, which is still the same:

Unerring Nature, still divinely bright,

One clear, unchang'd and Universal Light,

Life, Force, and Beauty, must to all impart,

At once the Source, and End, and Test of Art

Art from that Fund each just Supply provides,

Works without Show, and without Pomp presides:

In some fair Body thus th' informing Soul

With Spirits feeds, with Vigour fills the whole,

Each Motion guides, and ev'ry Nerve sustains;

It self unseen, but in th' Effects, remains.

Some, to whom Heav'n in Wit has been profuse.

Want as much more, to turn it to its use,

For Wit and Judgment often are at strife,

Tho' meant each other's Aid, like Man and Wife.

'Tis more to guide than spur the Muse's Steed;

Restrain his Fury, than provoke his Speed;

The winged Courser, like a gen'rous Horse,

Shows most true Mettle when you check his Course.

You cannot be lonely if you like the person you're alone with.-Wayne Dyer

sometimes i really need my time for being alone.

“But if any one should ask, Must the people then always lay themselves open to the cruelty and rage of tyranny? Must they see their cities pillaged and laid in ashes, their wives and children exposed to the tyrant’s lust and fury, and themselves and families reduced by their king to ruin, and all the miseries of want and oppression; and yet sit still? Must men alone be debarred the common privilege of opposing force with force, which nature allows so freely to all other creatures for their preservation from injury? I answer: Self-defence is a part of the law of nature; nor can it be denied the community, even against the king himself: but to revenge themselves upon him, must by no means be allowed them; it being not agreeable to that law. Wherefore if the king should show an hatred, not only to some particular persons, but sets himself against the body of the commonwealth, whereof he is the head, and shall, with intolerable ill-usage, cruelly tyrannize over the whole, or a considerable part of the people, in this case the people have a right to resist and defend themselves from injury: but it must be with this caution, that they only defend themselves, but do not attack their prince: they may repair the damages received, but must not for any provocation exceed the bounds of due reverence and respect. They may repulse the present attempt, but must not revenge past violences: for it is natural for us to defend life and limb, but that an inferiour should punish a superiour, is against nature. The mischief which is designed them the people may prevent before it be done; but when it is done, they must not revenge it on the king, though author of the villainy. This therefore is the privilege of the people in general, above what any private person hath; that particular men are allowed by our adversaries themselves (Buchanan only excepted) to have no other remedy but patience; but the body of the people may with reverence resist intolerable tyranny; for, when it is but moderate, they ought to endure it.”

It is far better to be alone, than to be in bad company.- George Washington

But farther, this question, (“Who shall be judge?”) cannot mean that there is no judge at all: for where there is no judicature on earth, to decide controversies amongst men, God in heaven is judge. He alone, it is true, is judge of the right. But every man is judge for himself, as in all other cases, so in this, whether another hath put himself into a state of war with him, and whether he should appeal to the supreme judge, as Jephthah did.

If you are alone and don't want to be alone, look to these quotes for suggestions...

Others like to be with friends most of the time.

Some valuing those of their own, Side or Mind,

Still make themselves the measure of Mankind;

Fondly we think we honour Merit then,

When we but praise Our selves in Other Men.

Parties in Wit attend on those of State,

And publick Faction doubles private Hate.

Pride, Malice, Folly, against Dryden rose,

In various Shapes of Parsons, Criticks, Beaus;

But Sense surviv'd, when merry Jests were past;

For rising Merit will buoy up at last.

Might he return, and bless once more our Eyes,

New Blackmores and new Milbourns must arise;

Nay shou'd great Homer lift his awful Head,

Zoilus again would start up from the Dead.

Envy will Merit as its Shade pursue,

But like a Shadow, proves the Substance true;

For envy'd Wit, like Sol Eclips'd, makes known

Th' opposing Body's Grossness, not its own.

When first that Sun too powerful Beams displays,

It draws up Vapours which obscure its Rays;

But ev'n those Clouds at last adorn its Way,

Reflect new Glories, and augment the Day.

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The idea of not having my children, my husband, my life, is unbearable, and I find myself thinking of Dorothy Parker, alone and drinking herself to death with her poodle bitch at the Volney Hotel. Robert Gottlieb writes about her regrets at the end of her life in a profile for . He asks: “Yes, ‘you might as well live,’ but for what?”

Sometimes i enjoy being alone essay - …

Some praise at Morning what they blame at Night;

But always think the last Opinion right.

A Muse by these is like a Mistress us'd,

This hour she's idoliz'd, the next abus'd,

While their weak Heads, like Towns unfortify'd,

'Twixt Sense and Nonsense daily change their Side.

Ask them the Cause; They're wiser still, they say;

And still to Morrow's wiser than to Day.

We think our Fathers Fools, so wise we grow;

Our wiser Sons, no doubt, will think us so.

Once School-Divines this zealous Isle o'erspread;

Who knew most Sentences was deepest read;

Faith, Gospel, All, seem'd made to be disputed,

And none had Sense enough to be Confuted.

Scotists and Thomists, now, in Peace remain,

Amidst their kindred Cobwebs in Duck-Lane.

If Faith it self has diff'rent Dresses worn,

What wonder Modes in Wit shou'd take their Turn?

Oft, leaving what is Natural and fit,

The current Folly proves the ready Wit,

And Authors think their Reputation safe,

Which lives as long as Fools are pleas'd to Laugh.