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My point is not to make you self-conscious or insincere when responding to Stanford GSB's excellent MBA essay question prompt. It's to get you past the idea of starting this critical Stanford MBA essay by answering their question. Leave that for last. Instead, start by identifying the life experiences that have meant the most to you in your life and/or have forced you to change or grow the most, regardless of whether you think they connect to something that matters most to you.

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Too many international you use American editors to "sophisticate" their own words. This can work against you. As any writer knows, tone is hard to master. Your essays need to sound like they were all written by the same person - you. Are you too busy to write your own essays? If so, how do you expect to graduate from HBS, MIT, Stanford, Wharton, LBS, or any other rigorous MBA program, let alone lead your industry someday? Presidents and CEOs might hire speech writers, but the smartest ones also know how to produce their own content, and do so whenever time permits. Take the time to make your application the best it can be, and never trust someone more than you trust yourself. Use your own voice.

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Stanford GSB hints at the value of this approach in its : "illustrate how you came to be the person you are, "illustrate how a person, situation, or event has influenced you." The key to this Stanford MBA essay question, in other words, is change, process – envisioning your self and life as a verb, not a noun. Kudos if you see an echo between this advice and for Harvard's non-optional optional MBA essay question. The two MBA essay questionss are similar in many ways. It's often said that admissions departments mimic Harvard, but Stanford GSB may be the true pied piper.

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