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Sleep deprivation is a common problem for teenage students ranging from the ages of 10 to 19

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This essay will also evaluate the best perspective to eliminate sleep deprivation with the cases studies discussing the general hypothesis of sleep and sleep deprivation....

Irritability, lack of self confidence and mood swings are often common in a teen, but sleep deprivation makes it worse.

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Also, an article of Hackethal (2013) has shown that sleep deprivation might affect the frontal lobes of the brain which controls decision-making functions....

Teens struggle to learn to deal with stress and control emotion -- sleep deprivation makes it even more difficult.

The researchers hypothesized that the participants who had a higher level of sleep deprivation would have lower academic performance, measured in GPA, than those who practice adequate sleep habits....

This is more true than they can fathom, as the effects of sleep deprivation in teenagers prove to be quite damaging in both the short and long term.