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Threats to the Great Barrier Reef1- Climate Change Action Plan GREAT BARRIER REEF 2007 2012

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The problem with the change of rate is that the coral in the Great Barrier Reef has low elasticity (rate of recovery) sometimes it takes 12 to 15 years for coral to reach its pre infestation levels. If reinfestation occurs within the elasticity period it could alter the Great Barrier Reef significantly

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Changeaffects the Great Barrier Reef on a variety of scales, from daily tidalfluctuations to seasonal changes and the longer-term changes associated withchanges in sea level. In recent years,human-induced changes have accelerated the nature and rate of change in theGreat Barrier Reef ecosystem.

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Tourism and stewardship director of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Protection Authority, Dr. Roger Beeden, says that the March bleaching was the most significant mass bleaching event seen

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A Greenpeace-sponsored scientific study written by professor Ove Hoeghguldberg, one of the world’s leading experts in coral bleaching, concluded that if climate change is not stopped, coral bleaching is set to steadily increase in frequency and intensity all over the world until it finally occurs on an annual basis between 2030 and 2070. The report claimed that the Great Barrier Reef could be severely affected by sea temperature rise within the next twenty years.

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The Great Barrier Reef can only be described as breathtakingly beautiful and one of the wonders of the natural world. It is the largest collection of on Earth (over 400 types) making up thousands of individual of all shapes and sizes, alongside hundreds of exotic islands. This is the world's most extensive stretch of coral reef and the only living thing visible from space.

There is no doubt that the Great Barrier Reef is one of the world's richest areas of diversity; supporting a dazzling array of colourful corals, sponges, anemones and worms. Many species of tropical fish, birds, mammals and reptiles are also found here. No wonder it is one of the jewels in crown and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Sadly, pollution, climate change and outbreaks of the are all threats to this fragile ecosystem.