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Have students create a book trailer that represents their overall reading of The Messenger. Book trailers, like film trailers, are multimodal presentations that work to advertise a text by constructing an engaging and provocative ‘taster’. Students should draw on one (or more) of the key aspects they have studied and use that to shape the representation of the novel in their trailers. The book trailer should be constructed in such a way as to represent the student’s reading or understanding of the novel. For example, students may choose to represent the novel in terms of:

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The Book Thief was adapted into a hit film in 2014, directed by Brian Percival, whose most recent project has been directing the Downton Abbey series. French-Canadian actress Sophie Nelisse (Monsieur Lahzar) plays the central character Liesel, and Geoffrey Rush and Emma Watson star as Liesel's foster parents.

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It's giving us hints that it must be a normal city.
A summary
I Am The Messenger is a story about a young man named Ed, who is forced to do a series of challenges that are sent to him through his mail box.

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He was also named the New York Times Bestselling author and has been in the number one charts for young adults in over thirty-four countries(Grade Saver).Not only has Zusak received all of these awards but his books have also been translated in over thirty-eight countries and sold over eight million copies for each book( The Book Thief: I Am the Messenger)....

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Printz Awards, The Kathleen Mitchell Award, New South Wales Premier's Literary Awards, and fro Publishers Weekly Best Books of the Year-Children (“Markus Zusak”).And most recently, Markus Zusak was nominated for the 2014 Edwards Award ( Zusak Tweet).

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One of the most striking features of the novel is the way Zusak uses playing cards to structure the narrative. Form students into small groups. Provide each group with three copies of each of the four Ace cards. (You can find templates online, such as .) Have the students summarise each mission on the appropriate card. On the reverse of that card, write down the lesson that Ed learns from that particular mission. Encourage students to imagine they are Zusak, playing with the organisation of Ed’s life. Use the cards to experiment with the order of the missions, exploring how altering the order would have altered the lessons Ed had to learn and thus the character development of Ed. Zusak’s instructions were:

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What happens when the world doesn't care about you? Let's just say it ain't pretty, and since this is one of the big questions I Am the Messenger asks readers to think on, you'll find loads of people in this book that you often don't find in young adult books. Ed is sent to help a rape victim, a poor family, a beaten kid, an overwhelmed mother… need we say more? Author Markus Zusak takes the YA genre to a very serious place and asks readers to consider some very real adult problems.