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The technologies of the Neolithic Revolution allowed for simplified life in agriculture.

Name at least FIVE elements of the Neolithic Revolution

Pre-Pottery Neolithic B (PPNB): ca. 7500-6000 BCE
The two most important developments of the Pre-Pottery Neolithic B (PPNB) period are a) the domestication of animals, and b) the spread of food-producing communities in large numbers across the Middle East.

Conclusion The emergence of society was caused by the Neolithic Revolution.

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The era of Neolithic Revolution is marked with great social, economic, and political change in human history. Humans started their life on earth by hunting and gathering until 10,000 BC. By the beginning of 10,000 BC, humans had discovered the art of cultivating crops and domesticating animals. The hunting and gathering was replaced with cultivating crops and raising cattle. This gave rise to permanent settlements as the agriculture requires settling permanently in one place as compared to hunting and gathering that involves moving from place to place. The permanent settlements gave rise to the ‘civilization’. For this reason, the era after 10,000 BC is termed as Neolithic Revolution (Paleolithic Revolution being its precedent).

The Neolithic Revolution was one of the most influential revolutions in history.

With the domestication of the key food plants and animals in the Middle East (about 10,000 years ago during the early Holocene age), people were able to live in large settled communities with a reliable, predictable, and abundant food supply that was able to support the development of cities, craft specialization, social stratification, temple priesthoods, and kingship – the complex of connected institutions that we call “civilization”. In short, the consequences of the Neolithic revolution were enormous – affecting nearly every major aspect of human environment, economy, and culture. For that reason alone, we need to understand how and why the ancient peoples of the Middle East first settled down in village communities and domesticated plants and animals. Our best understanding is that a combination of environmental, demographic, and cultural factors played key roles in the origins of food production.

"Agriculture and the Origins of Civilization: The Neolithic Revolution.

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The Effect of the Neolithic Revolution on the Modern world
The effects the Neolithic Revolution had on economy in agriculture and social life.
Agricultural Changes of the Neolithic Revolution
- New Technologies
- New Crops
- Domesticated Animals

The Neolithic Revolution changed early society by introducing new ideas to the people involved in agriculture.

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Ideas Improved by the Neolithic Revolution
Ideas improved by the Neolithic Revolution include: large scale gathering, living situation, labor organization, and marriage.

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New Crops
The Neolithic Revolution, also known as the agricultural revolution, introduced farming as a new way of life to many areas of the world.

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Ethnologists and archaeologists had become neolithic revolutionaries, and in their enthusiasm for the Revolution spared nothing in denouncing the Old (Stone Age) Regime.

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Neolithic Revolution is known for the great social changes. In fact, the society itself started during this revolution due to the formation of villages and tribes. The change in lifestyle of the people set foundation for social institutions, social norms, values, culture and social order, which were absent in the Paleolithic culture. The foundation of religion and clergy took its form as people had started to believe in the supernatural force behind natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes. The administration of the villages was given in the hands of the elderly members, which gave rise to the concept of power and political leadership. The resources and their utilization raised social classes and hence, the social conflict. Women played their role in the revolution by contributing in the fields as well as home. Neolithic Revolution is certainly the period that distinguished man from animals as it was characterized by the formation of human society.

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The hunters thus downgraded, anthropology was freer to extol the Neolithic Great Leap Forward: a main technological advance that brought about a "general availability of leisure through release from purely food-getting pursuits".(3) In an influential essay on "Energy and the Evolution of Culture", Leslie White (5, 6) explained that the neolithic generated a "great advance in cultural development...