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This has generated some unease about disciplinary identity, an anxiety revealed by recent debates about the legitimacy of the terms 'historical geography' and 'geographical history'.() For all its thematic diversity, however, 21st-century historical geography has become increasingly focused on the recent past, a trend partly determined by the need for reliable, spatially extensive data but also influenced by a simplistic assumption that historical research in geography should have immediate relevance to contemporary issues.()

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First, the study of has grown steadily more important. This has shifted the focus of historical research in geography from the developed to the developing world. It has also revealed how landscapes, identities and social values in the imperial core regions and in the colonised territories of Africa and Asia were fashioned by a process of imperial interaction involving the circulation of people, practices and ideas on a global scale.()

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It was distinguished, however, by a particular methodology whereby historical data sources were carefully analysed to construct visually impressive thematic cartography. According to Darby, historical geography was a fundamentally geographical endeavour, one of the 'twin pillars' of the larger discipline, alongside geomorphology.() Historical geography and geomorphology were both concerned with landscape formation and evolution, insisted Darby, the latter based primarily on field evidence derived from the natural environment itself, the former on historical evidence gleaned from archival sources, particularly those that allowed geographical patterns to be recreated as cartographic cross-sections that could be connected into longitudinal (vertical) historical sequences.

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