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Code: 1291 Session: May 2008 Theory of knowledge Supervisor: G ran Ericsson ToK Essay 5.

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4. What should be included in the introduction?
For students who have no idea on how to start the introduction, I would recommend to do the following (this is not written in the assessment criteria, it is a personal advice, read the disclaimer at the top of the page!):

Sample TOK essays - IB Survival Sample Theory of Knowledge essays, written and assessed to IB-specific criteria.

Tok 2009 Essay Topics - Sweetwater Security Solutions.

The remaining four essays are transcripts of interviews and presentations by Publications - Princeton University The Theory of Knowledge: Classic & Contemporary Readings (Belmont, Editor, On Noam Chomsky: Critical Essays (Garden City, New York; Anchor: 1974), IB ToK Essay Tutor | Facebook Podcasts, videos and articles relevant to ToK essays and presentations for IB Much of Noam Chomsky's revolution in linguistics—including its account of the Homo Economicus – “Economic Man”: Guest Lesson for ZIS Theory 27 Oct 2009 You have in front of you two folded pieces of paper.

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2. Do I have to do research? Do I need a bibliography?
No, research is not required according to the criteria, but it may be helpful. The TOK Essay is not a research essay, it is an argumentative essay. You will not get points for only summarizing other people’s ideas. You get points for analysis and for understanding of these ideas. If you do use quotes or other people’s ideas, then you must give a proper bibliography, of course (as a matter of fact, points will be taken off otherwise).

3. How important is the introduction?
The introduction is one of the most important paragraphs of the essay. It lays the foundation of the essay and guides the reader. If the intro is not clear, then the reader may have problems following your thoughts. An unclear introduction may also be a sign that you, the author, are not fully clear of the ideas yourself.

he gave us 10 double-sided sheets of paper containing questions we could use for our TOK essay.

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he TOK essay and presentation require you, the TOK student, to identify knowledge issues / problems of knowledge. And this is often not an easy thing to do, and it shouldn’t be – after all you get points for identifying them. In this post, I’ll refer to Knowledge Issues and Problems of Knowledge as KI/POK. Both of these terms mean the same thing.

to do Before you Finish your TOK Essay

5. Should I define important terms in the introduction?
Clarify the terminology, explain the prescribed title question, but do not give me a dictionary definition. All too many students simply quote from the dictionary or from the TOK book without being clear what the term means in relation to the prescribed title. Again, you do not get points for quoting ideas, you get points for analyzing the ideas.