The Little-Known Tips For Tok 2016 Essay Titles About Women

    he following audio files should give some basic advice for the TOK essay.

Tok 2016 essay titles about women

An essay outline is a framework that an author uses to organize an essay. In a , a TOK essay outline becomes very critical. This type of an essay is complex in nature for many writers need to create a framework that enables them to address all the points they wish to discuss. A TOK essay delves on understanding a particular area of knowledge by using knowledge questions. For many of its topics, there does not exist a correct way to answer the knowledge questions.

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2. Do I have to do research? Do I need a bibliography?
No, research is not required according to the criteria, but it may be helpful. The TOK Essay is not a research essay, it is an argumentative essay. You will not get points for only summarizing other people’s ideas. You get points for analysis and for understanding of these ideas. If you do use quotes or other people’s ideas, then you must give a proper bibliography, of course (as a matter of fact, points will be taken off otherwise).

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isclaimer: The following advice is my personal advice to my students and not approved by the IB (or by anybody else). TOK examiners may have a different opinion on these issues. Use the information at your own risk.

Tok 2016 essay titles about women

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he identification of a problem of knowledge in the prescribed TOK essay title is probably one of the most important first steps. But it may also be one of the most difficult tasks. What is the problem of knowledge that is implied in the title? How can one identify it? It may not always be necessary to identify an implied problem of knowledge in the prescribed title, but it may be helpful in structuring the essay.

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1. Can I use the word “I” in the essay? Can I write the essay in first person?
The TOK essay is a personal essay. Yes, you can use the word “I”, but you do not have to. As a matter of fact, this may even be useful if you give personal examples. Still, do not forget that the TOK essay is a formal essay. Do make sure that the essay uses a formal language nevertheless.

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Writing a well-developed outline for the theory of knowledge essay enables a writer to organize and effectively deliver on the essay. The writer will reflect on each of the parts of the TOK paper and put down only those points, which strengthen the position held by the thesis statement. Outlining helps with transitions from one idea to another making it easy for the author to write his essay and subsequently the readers. It is therefore undeniable that an elaborate outline is the central core of a well-written theory of knowledge essay.

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Demonstrate independence and self-awareness while structuring your ideas on the TOK essay. Effectively describe your position, ideas and choice of examples while being aware of any personal biases that you may hold. These factors will affect the choice of main points that you will put down in your outline.