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The cultural revolution is reaching fever pitch

Lin’s death marked a turning point in the Cultural Revolution. Even as propaganda machines trumpeted the incident as yet another victory over a traitor of the state, people grew suspicious of the regime over the mysterious circumstances under which Lin died.

The events of January and February 1967 were a turning point in the Cultural Revolution

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As the chaos and destruction became obvious, most of the ruling class turned against Mao.They took away most of his powers and began slowly rebuilding the economy.While they could undo some of the damage, they had no long term alternative to Mao’s campaigns.In 1965 Mao launched the Cultural Revolution, to remove his opponents from power and kick-start another spurt of growth.His enemies fell quickly, but China’s cities descended into violent chaos.

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Yet it is true that once the avant-garde had succeeded in "detaching"itself from society, it proceeded to turn around and repudiaterevolutionary as well as bourgeois politics. The revolution wasleft inside society, a part of that welter of ideological strugglewhich art and poetry find so unpropitious as soon as it beginsto involve those "precious" axiomatic beliefs upon whichculture thus far has had to rest. Hence it developed that thetrue and most important function of the avant-garde was not to"experiment," but to find a path along which it wouldbe possible to keep culture moving in the midst of ideologicalconfusion and violence. Retiring from public altogether, the avant-gardepoet or artist sought to maintain the high level of his art byboth narrowing and raising it to the expression of an absolutein which all relativities and contradictions would be either resolvedor beside the point. "Art for art's sake" and "purepoetry" appear, and subject matter or content becomes somethingto be avoided like a plague.