An examination on the effects of instant messaging in the workplace

Explain when would it be appropriate to use instant messaging in the workplace

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If you use iMessage to communicate with your friends, instead of typing you can send voice message. Click and hold the microphone in the lower right corner of the screen and send your message.

Explain when would it be appropriate to use instant messaging in the workplace. Provide an example. Determine the benefits and the challenges.

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Already, messaging has started to become something of an atomic unit of many kinds of apps. Even non-messaging apps such as Uber, Instagram, Meerkat, Facebook, and Twitter are appealing in part because they have short messages at their core to make their services quick and easy to use. That has some experts comparing the impact of messaging to that of operating systems such as Microsoft’s Windows that serve as platforms for many applications. “We see messaging as the new OS–all sorts of activity will happen inside of it,” says Marc Canter, co-founder of Cola, a messaging startup not quite ready to announce its service.

The use of instant messaging …

This study is crucial for industries as most are instant messaging or synchronous computer mediated communication now pervades in daily life of the workplace.

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