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Furthermore, human life outweighs materialistic values like books and music.

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This change caused from moving cities illustrates that the power of human life is more valuable than the value of material items.

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The true value of a human being can be found in the degree to which he has attained liberation from the self.

A good deductive argument is said to be valid--that is, the conclusion necessarily follows from the premises. A deductive argument whose conclusion does not follow necessarily from the premises is said to be invalid. The argument "All human beings are mortal, all Greeks are human beings, therefore all Greeks are mortal" is a valid deductive argument. But the argument "All human beings are mortal, all Greeks are mortal, therefore all Greeks are human beings" is invalid, even though the conclusion is true On that line of reasoning, one could argue that all dogs, which are also mortal, are human beings.

The lawyer reaches the conclusion that the only thing that should be of value in this world is human life.

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Philosophic thought is an inescapable part of human existence Almost everyone has been puzzled from time to time by such essentially philosophic questions as "What does life mean?" "Did I have any existence before I was born?" and "Is there life after death?" Most people also have some kind of philosophy in the sense of a personal outlook on life Even a person who claims that considering philosophic questions is a waste of time is expressing what is important, worthwhile, or valuable A rejection of all philosophy is in itself philosophy.

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Weber also criticizes those scientists who often "unconsciously allow the starting point for our analyses and explanations of economic events to determine our judgements of these events," demonstrating that he separates the subjectivity of value-orientation from the objective evaluation that is carried out after the value orientation has been established. In other words, Weber is chastising those scientists who allow the subjectivity of their perspective to determine their analysis of the facts. As examples of the economic scientists who have made this mistake, Weber points to the historical apologists and to the Marxists.

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The sanctity of life view is often accompanied by a set of claims about human dignity, namely, that human beings possess essential, underived, or intrinsic dignity. That is, they possess dignity, or excellence, in virtue of the kind of being they are; and this essential dignity can be used summarily to express why it is impermissible, for example, intentionally to kill human beings: to do so is to act against their dignity.

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The problem is that there are not mandatory values in our society, all is relative and conditional, all is determined by human necessities, human thirst of happiness and pleasure.