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His sex has to be male because instead of focusing on the loss attained from the tragedy emotionally, he focuses on the satirized meaning of the tragedy. Female poets are known to be more emotional. His level of awareness and sensibilities are showcased by the vivid description of the tragedy. Lastly, his values depend on the satirized meaning behind the poem (Moore & Childs, 2004). The poet might be addressing Britain and all people of the earth in general because he is warning against materialism as it spells to vanity. He can be said to be addressing Britain because it had built Titanic not for the reason of cruising on the sea, but for the reason of showcasing their power and wealth. This was however translated to vanity with the destruction of the ship. This is also meant to be a warning to the people of the other nations from exhibiting pride as pride comes before a fall.

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“Pride comes before a fall” Proverb quotes

“Generosity is giving more than you can, and pride is taking less than you need.”
Kahlil Gibran quotes (Lebanese born American philosophical Essayist, Novelist and Poet.

Vanity Comes Before Fall Essay

The poem has a regular meter that is composed of three lines in every stanza. It is so enjoyable because of its simplicity and because it has a deeper meaning, which is a clear message to humankind. What pleased me in the poem is the fact that the message that the poet wanted to bring-out was brought out in an articulate manner as the Titanic tragedy was the best choice of an event that could symbolize the meaning of the poet (Moore & Childs, 2004). Interpreting the poem without any historical information would be difficult because one would not easily understand what the poem stood for as it is not a clear void of prior information. My interpretation of the poem is enhanced by the belief that pride comes before a fall, which I have acquired through the life experiences that I have gone through. The historical information about the poet enlightens on the fact that the poet was against the British showcasing of power and wealth, which was vanity. This enhances the concerns that he brings out in the poem.

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