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So what was it about this whole half-time affair that boiled the blood of the Last Angry Young Man?

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"The bow of God's wrath is bent, and the arrow made ready on the string, and justice bends the arrow at your heart, and strains the bow, and it is nothing but the mere pleasure of God, and that of an angry God, without any promise or obligation at all, that keeps the arrow one moment from being made drunk with your blood.".

They are dicks. George BushIt's embarrassingly cliche to even say it, but George Bush makes me angry.

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This basic laziness makes me angry, but you can also count on a one-stopper to do two or three of the following:Celine Dion
I've been thinking long and hard about why I hate Celine Dion.

Getting Stood UpHaving someone stand you up is an exception to the rule that things that don't kill you make you stronger.

Edwards chides the sore-distressed: "What would not those poor damned hopeless souls give for the day's opportunity such as you now enjoy!" He speaks of the Great Awakening itself: "God seems now to be hastily gathering in his elect in all parts of the land; and probably the greater part of adult persons that ever shall be saved, will be brought in now in a little time." Edwards then makes a final appeal to the unconverted, "Haste and escape for your lives, look not behind you, escape to the mountain, lest you be consumed."

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