Some popular funding sources for women’s scholarships include :

The SFM Foundation Undergraduate Merit Scholarship for High School Seniors

MBA & Business Scholarships for Women

The program provides one or more students from each participating college with a $20,000 scholarship over two years. Students must be enrolled in one of the aforementioned community colleges and dedicated to enrolling in and completing their junior and senior years of their college education at a University of California campus.

i am looking for scholarship or grant for graduate in art. have 3.8 average. i am single income.

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The Wisconsin Bakers Association also administers a national scholarship program, called the Robert W. Hiller Scholarship. This scholarship is also meant for students pursuing a career in baking or pastry arts, and also awards up to $1000 per year to qualified applicants. This scholarship, however, is open to students throughout the country, not just Wisconsin residents. Follow the same link as the one for the Wisconsin Bakers Association Scholarship to read more and find the link for the application.

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The American Association of University Women offers scholarships to women who are working toward their MBA. Their goal is to empower women to be independent and obtain leadership in the business world. The funds awarded by the AAUW may be used for tuition fees and books as well as student transportation and child care. The winners of the scholarships are determined by quality of the application, the student’s academic background, and financial needs. To apply for your scholarship, go to .

I would really love to get my grade 12. I would eventually love to get my business degree too. Thank you for your time

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Education among women is sometimes interrupted by family and child rearing. When a woman decides to return to school, either to finish a bachelor’s program or to pursue an advanced degree, budgeting for tuition can be difficult. To help women return to school, corporations, feminine advocacy groups, and a host of other organizations sponsor continuing education scholarships.

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Degrees in business, and business-related fields such as, and , remain extremely popular with college-bound students. Business studies offer students the education they need to enter the professional business world at a variety of levels, from marketing to management; from accounting to IT. Students pursuing a career in business will find scholarship programs sponsored by corporations, universities and professional associations. Business-related scholarships are readily available for both undergraduate and graduate students.

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Many scholarship programs are specifically designed to encourage and support and who are pursuing degrees and careers in fields that have been historically dominated by the white male establishment. Some of the more extensive scholarship programs benefiting minorities and women are dedicated to the STEM subjects of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. These fields are currently suffering from a critical shortage of qualified students and professionals. In an effort to expand and diversify both the national student body, and the professional workforce, many institutions and organizations sponsor lucrative scholarships for those interested in pursuing a degree in one of the STEM disciplines.

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Many professional fields are currently experiencing critical manpower shortages that threaten to adversely impact local and state communities. In an effort to attract students to these much needed career paths, a variety of scholarship programs have been put in place by both the public and private sectors. Critical need fields include:

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funds scholarships for Hispanic, American Indian and Black engineering students. Awards address new students, as well as students transferring from community and technical colleges. To qualify, each freshman applicant must have a 2.7 or greater cumulative GPA.