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A lucky find -- I'm indebted to Mildred Champlin for this acquisition -- the "CASCO PROJECT BOOK" describes 28 prize winning articles made from wood and veneer by home craftsmen using CASCO Glue. Copyrighted in 1935, my copy states that it was part of a "Second Printing", which I take as a sign that this 32-page booklet was popular. Both the range of interests and the quality of achievement represented by the "winning" projects included in this booklet testify to an active, vibrant population of amateur woodworkers in this Great Depression decade. Please note the item by Herman Hjorth (directly above), also published by THE CASEIN MANUFACTURING COMPANY OF AMERICA, INC., 350 MADISON AVENUE, NEW YORK, NY, a coincidence that suggests some collaboration between the Casein glue people, Constantine's veneers, and Hjorth -- if only because Albert Constantine himself, in 1954, collaborated with an aged Hjorth in the update of Hjorth's 1932 manual on veneering, above.

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This 140-plus page, well-illustrated catalog, contains plow shares, plow handles, wrenches, automobile springs, carriage frames, carriage wheels, carriage tires and axles, carriage tops and fringes, "platform gears" for carriages, carriage shafts and whiffletrees, horse shoes, horse shoe nails, hammers and sledges, as well as spokeshaves, draw-knives, anvils, machinist's and woodworker's vises, forges, tap and die sets, bob sleigh runners and shoes, 36-inch Crescent bandsaws, both manual and the new-fangled electrically-powered post drills, and countless other items. The Introduction for the pdf version of this catalog includes a photo of my Dad winning a plowing match in 1914, and using a few of the products -- plow shares, plow handles, double-tree, and the like -- the catalog contains.

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Both booklets above generously given to me by another woodworker friend, Michael Turri. (This is ) The first of the two, 17-page booklet shows how to set up and furnish an early 1950s home woodworking shop (with Delta power tools, of course). The one just below, Delta Homecraft Power Tools -- 46 pages -- is more detailed than the Delta Homecraft Power Tools booklet. Instead, it is cast as more of a "catalog" than a handbook -- it includes some floor-model table saws and -- although it has elements of a handbook-like guide for newbies. Nonetheless, overall, these booklets give a note of reassurance for any amatuer woodworker, namely, that by engaging in amateur cabinetmaking, a person will encourage for himself an attitude of, "happiness ..., because it is an ideal hobby", a theme repeated in both booklets. For some of us today this may be over-the-top, but in the 1950s -- the heyday of middle-class home-ownership -- I think that it struck the right tone.

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The bulk of this almost 50-page booklet is dedicated to the combo 8-inch circular saw and 5-inch jointer on a metal stand, but the 3rd page features a photo where the newly-released Unisaw is front-and-center. (Powered at 220-volts, the Unisaw comes with 3-HP, 10-inch blades, and tilting-arbor, and is out-of-reach the vast home-workshop population, especially in the 1930s.) The booklet's chapters on the circular saw include all standard operations and the "moulding" and "dado" heads, features that multiplied the usefulness of circular saws for home woodworkers in that era. (The lack of tilting arbor on the circular-saw is overlooked.) Included with the jointer's operations are rabbeting, beveling, taper jointing, tapering-in-the-round, and chamfering.

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A remarkable book, it presents Collins' review of numerous power woodworking machines released for the home workshop in the 1930s decade. As time allows, I intend to focus on some of these machines in greater detail (in ); in the meantime, enjoy the comments by Collins about the woodworking machines that created excitement among amateur woodworkers during our Great Depression.