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The structure of an argumentative or persuasive essay includes the following sections:

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Argumentative essay assignments generally call for extensive research of literature or previously published material. Argumentative assignments may also require empirical research where the student collects data through interviews, surveys, observations, or experiments. Detailed research allows the student to learn about the topic and to understand different points of view regarding the topic so that she/he may choose a position and support it with the evidence collected during research. Regardless of the amount or type of research involved, argumentative essays must establish a clear thesis and follow sound reasoning.

You feel like you don’t even know where to start! How do you write an argumentative essay anyway?

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Writing an argumentative or persuasive essay is about selecting a topic that has two clear sides or positions. You approach the topic by investigating it and collecting, generating and evaluating supporting evidence. The actual essay lays out your position concisely.

The structure of the argumentative essay is held together by the following.

It’s possible that you’re feeling completely confused and overwhelmed. You may enjoy a good argument, but writing an essay that showcases your skills of argumentation is really not what you had in mind.

Look for material within your sources that relates to the reason for writing your essay (what your argument is).

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The following checklist is targeted at undergraduate students who find that they are able to construct in their minds strong and sophisticated arguments that bring together compelling and original ideas, but are unable in their writing to express these arguments and ideas clearly, accurately and effectively. The force of their arguments is thus severely diminished and they end up with poor grades that do not reflect the quality of their thinking. This is not to say that ‘writing’ itself should be thought of simply as a neutral medium to convey already complete arguments and ideas—the writing process fundamentally constitutes the formation of our thoughts. For practical purposes, though, it may be wise to try to isolate ‘problem areas’ in order to deal with them more systematically. Improvement will take time, but it can be speeded up with self-conscious practice and experimentation. Here are some of the areas to look out for when writing and editing typical argumentative essays:

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This resource begins with a general description of essay writing and moves to a discussion of common essay genres students may encounter across the curriculum. The four genres of essays (description, narration, exposition, and argumentation) are common paper assignments you may encounter in your writing classes. Although these genres, also known as the modes of discourse, have been criticized by some composition scholars, the Purdue OWL recognizes the wide spread use of these genres and students’ need to understand and produce these types of essays. We hope these resources will help.

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The introductory paragraph should also include the thesis statement, a kind of mini-outline for the essay. This is where the writer grabs the reader's attention. It tells the reader what the paper is about. The last sentence of this paragraph must also include a transitional "hook" which moves the reader to the first paragraph of the body of the essay.

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